Being an indigenous Coloradan, Joe knows that it is his obligation to protect our Mother Earth in order to honor his ancestors and to ensure our current and future generations have a clean environment to enjoy.  As a legislator, he has brought bills for better water quality testing and holding oil and gas operators liable for activities that harm the environment, people and property (HB-16-1310).  He has been on the front lines for Coloradans fighting to keep oil and gas operations away from their homes and their children’s schools.  That will not change when he becomes Attorney General.  Joe knows Colorado needs to rapidly move in a different direction.
  • His first act as Attorney General will be to withdraw the Martinez v. COGCC appeal from Colorado Supreme Court purview, if the case has not been decided.  That means, the Colorado Court of Appeals’ decision will stand and any future oil and gas permitting must tilt in favor of the health, safety and welfare of the environment and people.
  • Unlike other past administrations of Colorado attorneys general, Joe will use the power of the office to hold polluters accountable for damaging our environment and hurting Coloradans.
  • Joe will be a friend to the renewable energy industry.  To further our economic growth, the Office of the Attorney General can help facilitate renewable energy business growth in Colorado.