DACA Photo taken by Dave Russell

Joe has been a well-known advocate for humane, just and comprehensive immigration reform for over a decade.  While immigration issues are primarily a federal issue, we recently have seen this Administration seek to either co-opt local law enforcement or threaten to pull federal funding from states or local governments that refuse to terrorize their communities.  Much of the anti-immigrant rhetoric comes from fringe elements in our society who use law enforcement to target communities – former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona comes to mind.  Luckily, Colorado law enforcement has rejected being used as immigration enforcement agents by the federal government.  They know that building trust amongst community and law enforcement is the best way to fight crime in our neighborhoods.

Recognizing the relationships that need to be built between community and law enforcement, Joe successfully passed HB13-1258 (Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act).  The bill effectively repealed Colorado’s racial profiling law known as “Show Me Your Papers”, a law passed in 2006 that had a costly and disastrous effect on police/community trust.  Joe also has brought bills or sponsored bills that further strengthen relationships between immigrant communities and law enforcement.  Joe is unafraid to stand with our immigrant families at marches, rallies and protests and to speak out in favor of immigrant rights.  Joe recognizes that Colorado’s economy would be detrimentally affected by any border wall or attempts to engage in a mass roundup of our immigrant families.  There is no other Attorney General candidate who has done more or who is as committed to furthering the cause of immigrant communities in the state of Colorado.

As Attorney General, Joe will join the lawsuits filed by other states’ Attorneys General against this Administration.  The Muslim Ban Executive Orders will be challenged by Joe along with the DACA repeal.  Joe will vigorously defend Colorado if this Administration attempts to pull federal funding in retaliation for protecting our immigrant communities.  Joe will use the Office of the Colorado Attorney General to encourage a shift away from the anti-immigrant policies of this Administration to a just, humane and comprehensive approach.