Joe has been a champion of victim advocacy and support during his time as a legislator.  He has strongly stood beside Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) and other groups protecting victims and punishing lawbreakers.  As Attorney General, Joe will remain committed to victim support and advocating for strengthening laws to combat against sexual assault, human trafficking and domestic violence.  Joe’s strong commitment is evident in the bills he co-sponsored throughout his time as a legislator:
  • SB13-227 – protecting sexual assault victims in a case where a child was conceived from having to share custody with the perpetrator of the sexual assault.
  • HB14-1260 – increasing penalties for sex offenses against a child under the age of 12.
  • HB14-1273 – combat human trafficking
  • SB14-098 – strengthening crimes committed against at-risk elders.
  • HB17-1253 – protect seniors from financial abuse.
  • HB17-1172 – increased penalties for child sex traffickers.
  • HB17-1150 – prohibiting bail for stalking and domestic violence offenders.

Reference the Colorado General Assembly